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Understanding the value of participating in workplace training

If you have just been hired for a new job in California, chances are you will be required to undergo workplace safety training to some extent. The intensity and duration of the training you are required to complete will vary depending on your job responsibilities, the industry you are working in and the employer who hired you. At De Ita, Lowe & Wald, LLP, we have helped many people who have received injuries in a job-related accident. 

What will happen to your job while you are injured?

If you have been injured at your job in California, you may have filed a claim with your employer to begin receiving workers' compensation benefits. If you were approved, chances are you are receiving supplemental assistance until you can resume your position at your job. However, what happens to your job while you are injured and unable to work? Understanding what may happen can give you insight into how to handle your situation so you can protect your job security as best as you can. 

Overdosing on painkillers not uncommon among injured workers

When people are injured on the job in California, they have to follow a specific process to begin receiving workers' compensation benefits. Often, they are required to disclose the timeline of their injuries with their employer, seek the medical attention of a health care provider that is in the network with their employer and carefully follow all of the recommendations from their doctor to return to work with confidence and full health. 

What are my options when my workers' comp claim is denied?

Though workers' compensation is meant to be a no-fault compensation system for injured workers, the workers' compensation board can and often does deny claims. If the administration sent you a denial notice, it is because it believes that workers' compensation does not cover your injury. If you received a denial, you are not without options. You can contest the board's decision by filing a claim at one of the 24 Division of Workers' Compensation offices throughout California.

Financial recovery for occupational illnesses

If you become ill because of an event or exposure in your workplace, you may be eligible for workers' compensation. This may true even if the event or exposure merely aggravated a condition but did not cause it. At De Ita, Lowe & Wald, LLP, we serve as staunch advocates of workers who suffer occupational illnesses in California and diligently work to maximize their benefits.

Workers' compensation and employer retaliation

After sustaining a work-related injury in California, you have a right to compensation from your employer. In addition to medical bills, this compensation can cover retraining for a new position if you are unable to return to your old one, wages lost as you recover from your injury before returning to work as well permanent disability if your injury causes long-term adverse health effects. However, at the law firm of De Ita, Lowe & Wald, we have seen employers retaliate against injured employees, usually by firing them. Employer retaliation against workers' compensation claimants usually stems from financial concerns, as multiple compensation claims can increase your employer's insurance premiums. 

What happens after you are injured in a workplace accident?

You were injured in a workplace accident at your place of employment in California. Fortunately, you have workers' compensation benefits that have allowed you to receive assistance and resources while you are recovering and unable to work. However, what happens now? Will you be able to return to work? How long are you going to have to wait before you are given full clearance to resume your job responsibilities? Understanding the answers to these types of questions can help you have a clearer picture of your future after having suffering a work-related injury. 

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