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Decades Of Experience Working To
Help People Through Difficult Times

Decades Of Experience Working To
Help People Through Difficult Times

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What Type Of Financial Support Can You Get After Divorce?

Divorce will change your life in many ways, including your finances. As you consider how the end of your marriage will impact your financial stability, we understand how important it is to clearly understand your potential obligations or how much support you could get, and we can help. At , our experienced lawyers help clients understand what to expect regarding child support and spousal support.

We believe you have the right to know what to expect and how to protect your interests during this time of transition. Our San Mateo legal team can explain how California calculates child support and how we can help you get what you need to have both security and peace of mind long after the divorce is final.

Ensuring Your Children’s Needs Are Met

California uses a specific formula to determine the amount of child support that a parent must pay. Factors affecting the amount include each parent’s income, the amount of time a child has with a parent, health care costs, school fees and more.

Our job is to make sure these calculations are correct. When you work with our team, your lawyer will protect the needs of your kids while working for a support order that recognizes either your financial needs or ability to pay.

Working For Spousal Support Determinations That Benefit You

When a marriage ends, one spouse may be in need of financial support to help them transition. Depending on the circumstances, that support may be assigned long term. We will pursue spousal support obligations that leave you in the best possible position. There are two types of spousal support:

  • Temporary: The court may order this type of spousal support for the lesser-earning spouse while the divorce process is pending or for a specific amount of time to provide security during the transition.
  • Permanent: There are times in which a judge may feel it is appropriate to award permanent support. This depends on the age of the two parties, how long the marriage lasted, the standard of living during the marriage and other factors.

We diligently protect the interests of our clients, and we are prepared to help you pursue support arrangements that will benefit you in the long run.

Fighting For Your Financial Security After Divorce

The terms of your spousal support or child support order will affect your financial life for years to come, and we fight to make sure they are reasonable and fair. You can take advantage of our offer for a free initial case evaluation to discuss your financial obligations and expectations with an attorney by calling 650-918-4999 or completing our online contact form.